Deloris Blair-Cannon, Realtor Birmingham Market Areas


Residential Alabama, LLC

Ms. Deloris Blair-Cannon is a successful realtor who has a passion for helping everyone who desires to own a home, turn their dreams of Home Ownership into reality.  She has helped numerous First Time Home Buyers understand and successfully navigate the Home Ownership process.

Many times, prospective Home Buyers think that they can not own a home because of income, credit, or lack of savings.  Ms. Deloris' motto is "Just Get Started, and I will help you get to the finish line of owning your own home."

Make the decision to stop dreaming and start acting.  Make the decision to stop being a "Serial Renter".  It's time to break the generations of renting and own your own home.  This will help your family enjoy the benefits of Home Ownership for present and future generations.  Team with Ms. Deloris Blair-Cannon for help with developing a plan to achieve your dream of home ownership. Don't delay! Get started today!  Your New Home is Waiting for you!"



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